Published on Feb 22, 2013

Crime & Cover-up. Trio Capital crime. The victims received no assistance from their local member. Instead they are attacked with incorrect statements and comments. 

$74 million in an account

Another document that the Victims of Financial Fraud allege was with held from the Parliamentary Joint Committee inquiry who spent over twelve months investigating into the crime surrounding Trio Capital.

If it was provided to the inquiry, why was there never any mention that $74 million was sitting in Australia just weeks before the fund was frozen? 

Was there a tip off?

Had the PJC been informed of the $74 million, would they have gone about their investigation differently?

Why was there no effort made to go after the money?

Why was no effort made to question the people who worked in pivotal management and who had potential availability to create smoke and mirrors to make hundreds of millions disappear.

As a serious international crime, was the money used for terrorism? Did Australia under it international obligations, report the transnational crime? If not why not?

Senator Paul Fletcher MP was active in fighting for the rights of ordinary Australians that were defrauded by this despicable crime in the Australian financial system. 

The assigned liquidators join the discussion about Trio.