Capitalism; The Love Story- Documentary guru (Full)

Written, Produced and Directed by MICHAEL MOORE

Mar 28, 2018 CEC Report Special - Bank crimes worse than reported - Interview with Denise Brailey (Part 2)

22 March 2018 - The CEC Report - Bank crimes worse than reported (Interview with Denise Brailey) (Part 1)

Bernie Madoff The $50 Billion Ponzi Scheme

Scammed: Investment Fraud Revealed

Jun 22, 2016 Documentary.

Colleen Eren - Bernie Madoff and The Crisis: The Public Trial of Capitalism - 1/28/18

At the 10 year anniversary of both Bernie Madoff's arrest and the Financial Crisis of 2008, sociologist Colleen Eren discusses her new book (Stanford University Press, 2017) Bernie Madoff and the Crisis: The Public Trial of Capitalism.

Criminal Justice Matters: How They Got Away with It? Published on Feb 4, 2013 about 28 minutes.

How many of the powerful players whose financial manipulations triggered a crisis second only to the Great Depression have seen the inside of a criminal courtroom, face a conviction, or been put in jail?

Stephen Handelman, Host, Professor David Brotherton, Chair Sociology, at John Jay College, David Shapiro Forensic Accountant discuss issue about financial fraud and Ponzie schemes.