This section comprises video form various sources, if not specifically about the Trio fraud, then about similar fraudulent issues. 

false security 1of3 Australian regulators only represent a false sense of security to Australian citizens. Once a fraud occurs the regulators prevent transparency about what actually happened.

false security 2of3 Second of three short videos (26 minutes total) provides a reasonable explanation why Australian citizens had their savings stolen from a managed investment scheme, despite being regulated by ASIC and the funds directors were regulated by APRA.

false security 3of3  Third of three short videos (26 minutes total). ASIC and APRA were tested and found to be wanting.

Greg Medcraft at the National Press Club of Australia 3 December 2014 went into a “sickening” outburst aligning all crisis in the financial market on financial advice. This video is the narrative between the lines. The text narrative is more to the facts than anything that misleading Medcraft states.

April 12th 2014. Video shot in the VOX FMradio studio while a song is being broadcast. The conversation doesn't stop. Here is an opportunity to hear the conversation that did not go to air.

Video presented at the Victims of Financial Fraud (VOFF) third Public Meeting 2nd Feb 2013 in Wollongong. The Trio fraud success is diagrammed and the international criminals can view why they have no need to worry about ASIC and or the ACC coming after them or trying to claw back the stolen money. One could easily extrapolate that Australia goes easy on financial fraudsters.

October 2nd 2013 
VOFF peacefully protested Bill Shorten's visit to Wollongong 6.00 PM October 2nd 2013. VOFF  clearly wanted to send Bill Shorten the message that we have not gone away or intend going away. One of VOFF's message was to say Bill Shorten is a liar. VOFF have first hand experience of being at the end of a Bill Shorten lie. When he arrived the car he was traveling in flashed by our gauntlet however enough Labor members including MPs Sharon Bird and Stephen Jones passed through the same entrance and had time enough to see the protest. Also many other party members entered the car park and will no doubt inform Bill Shorten of the nature of our protest. Win Television, the Illawarra Mercury and the abc Illawarra FM were present to film and interview the event.