Paul Matters on his community radio program Struggle Street, Saturday 27th April 2013 - comments on the Minister for Financial Services Bill Shorten's ratty response to the Parliamentary Joint Committee's report released one year earlier. The PJC on Corporations and Financial Services investigated the collapse of Trio Capital and released their report May 16th 2012. The PJC report was in response to the biggest superannuation fraud in Australia’s history, known as the Trio Capital crime.

Mr Matters in a recent press release said: “It has taken three and a half years after ASIC stepped in to shut down Astarra for the Minister to direct that there be a co-ordinated pursuit of the criminals by the relevant Australian investigative authorities.

At the moment in this country we have a government that has failed to grasp that the massive losses to hard working Australians were the result of a sophisticated crime that was conceived, planned and largely executed outside the Australian regulatory jurisdiction. We have a responsible Minister who fails to understand that this crime was committed in the globalised financial markets. “

Not only can our financial regulators not stop determined sophisticated financial criminals committing crime massive crime against hard working Australians but our regulatory authorities can’t catch them.” - Matters

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Published on July 20, 2013

Advocate for the group Victims of Financial Fraud (VOFF), Paul Matters, is attempting to unseat Labor's Stephen Jones at the forthcoming federal election. His campaign yesterday morning focussed on Dapto Rail where serious traffic congestion is yet to be resolved by way of a bridge crossing. Matters is standing as an independent in Throsby and one of his immediate objectives is to provide a voice for the victims of superannuation fraud and for restoration of financial security in this country.