VOFF Request documents_24.11.2021.pdf VOFF Request documents_24.11.2021.pdf
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On 24 November 2021 VOFF sent to the Senate Standing Committees a 1-page document asking for the release of ASIC held documents about Trio. 

On 23 November 2021 VOFF sent 2 documents to the Senate Standing Committees on Economics:

• VOFF to Senate Standing Committees on Economics_23.11.2021 - part of the correspondence to correct / fix ASIC's misleading response document published by the Senate Standing Committees on Economics. See ASIC’s response published on 9 July 2021, item 186:  


• VOFF highlight inaccuracies in ASIC's response to Questions on Notice  

VOFF submission 3.11.2021.pdf VOFF submission 3.11.2021.pdf
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VOFF Submission to Senate Standing Committees on Economics for the Economics References Committee's inquiry into ASIC's handling of Sterling. Trio was also affected by ASIC's reluctance to act against misconduct in the financial sector.

27 page submission and cover letter sent to Treasure for the Review of the Australian Financial Complaints Authority on 17.03.2021 

Cover letter - 1 page

Submission - 27 pages

VOFF Cover SUB-Treasury 17.03.2021.pdf VOFF Cover SUB-Treasury 17.03.2021.pdf
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VOFF SUB-Treasury 17.03.2021.pdf VOFF SUB-Treasury 17.03.2021.pdf
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